“River” Update – April 25, 2014

Time for another update on the “river” piece. I really thought I would have a lot more done on it by now. My original goal was one month for dyeing and stitching and one month for beading, I am not so sure one month was a realistic expectation for stitching a piece that is almost 3 feet in height. I did take the piece out to the coast to work on over Easter, but things like planting an apple tree, walking on beaches and finishing a fireplace took priority. (Word of advise, if you ever buy a house that has left a project unfinished for 20 years it is probably going to be a pain to complete……….as was the case with the fireplace……..but back to the topic!) I did manage to stitch from Vancouver to Kamloops on the drive home. Here is what the piece looks like at the moment:

"river" - WIP - april 25 2014There is still a very long way to go. To give an idea of scale, the largest dead tree trunk on the right is just about 10 inches long, there is a lot of area to cover with tiny stitches.

The detailed shots below will show why this is taking so long. I can hardly wait until I am up to the beading.

The weekend looks like it will be chilly and wet (so no trip to the cabin) which will give me a chance to stitch a lot.


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10 thoughts on ““River” Update – April 25, 2014

  1. Beautiful!! What an ambitious project. Can’t wait to see the finished product. I know that stretch of highway well. We live just across the border from Abbottsford and have very good friends in Fort Macleod. I usually knit socks on that route — nothing quite as adventurous as you work on!

    • I usually knit as well but if I want to submit this piece I only have until May 30th. Knitting is definitely more peaceful.

  2. This is incredible! You are great to be able to sew while travelling. I think I would probably be car sick! The colours and detail are just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece. P

    • Funny I can stitch and knit in the car but I can’t read or even look backwards without getting motion sickness.

      I swear today I must have stitched at least a mile of white cotton thread into the piece adding more tree trunks.

      At least by posting it on the blog I become more accountable to finish the piece.

      Thanks for looking at it!

    • Thanks. There are a lot more trees now and I have the holes in my fingers to prove it! Hoping to do another update soon.

      Thanks for taking a look.

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