Something Dirty Going On


It is always a good day if dirt is involved. After all if there is dirt there probably isn’t snow….or at least as much snow!


One end of our backyard looked like this, which is fine, because the flowerbeds near the house have finally started to melt off. Finally!

flowerbeds melting off

As I looked around the flowerbeds I found a lot of new growth had popped through the ground. This is quite remarkable as we have only had three or four days of warm weather.

blog april garden 7

Even more remarkable was the fact that I was cleaning up the flowerbeds as my daughter did snow angels next to me. That is just a little surreal.

blog april garden 5

I am never quite sure of what is coming up. Some plants and bulbs date back way before we had the house. Some of the bulbs are leftovers that my mom donated to me. It will all be a great surprise when they actually bloom……..well that is if the deer, moose and rabbits don’t get to them first.

blog april garden 4

blog april garden 9

blog april garden 8

blog april garden 10

One thing that is for certain is that the beds were MUD. Sloshy and sticky, the sort of mud you sink into if you accidentally step off the grass. By the time we were done everyone had mud on them…..and was soaked through as well.

blog april garden 6

I did notice the chives are up this is good news as chives out of the gardens are wonderful for cooking.

Watching the ladybugs.

Watching the ladybugs.

By the end of the afternoon we did have some excitement, exciting enough to even stop making snow angels. We found ladybugs.

blog april garden 12


That is a sure sign that spring is here!

2 thoughts on “Something Dirty Going On

  1. glad you can see the soil again Deb, even if it is only a small strip by the house, if your first photo is a hosta it is way ahead of mine, they say the snow helps keep the soil warm,
    love your ladybugs, in the UK we call them ladybirds, I don’t see them here as they do not come this far north, they are something I miss,
    I know just what you mean about mud another reason to be so tired of the rain, Frances

    • The first picture is a tulip, one that was here when we bought the house, so in some way shape or form it has been here over 20 years. We usually don’t see our hostas poking through until June.

      Unfortunately by the end of today I will have the last bed cleaned up and gardening will be over until another 2 feet of snow melt.

      Hope your rain stops!


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