What March 30th looks like….

woodlea march 30 2014

The street just as we turn the corner to our house.

I have to admit I can’t quite believe winter is still here. Every time I checked the weather today it indicated the temperature with windchill was -18C. How can this be? The snow in front of our house is still past my knees. The kids are fed up of snowshoeing and winter boots and winter coats and hats and mitts. My daughter wants to go for a “real walk” wearing “real shoes”. My son wants to move to the BC coast and have rain instead.

We went to Tim Hortons today and as we passed the drive-thru line everyone looked miserable. Everyone looked fed up. Everyone looked done with winter.

Coming home we passed a few neighbours. They were shoveling snow……again……or should I say hunched over their snow shovels shaking their heads. Even those with snowblowers are depressed.

It is time for it to stop snowing. It is time to warm up. It is time for spring.

8 thoughts on “What March 30th looks like….

  1. incredible Deb, with the trees and lack of buildings apart from the one pole and few wires your photo could be deep in the countryside,
    I’ve not experienced long periods of snow so can’t properly compare and your island home is much further south than where I am but on my third year of rain for over 8 months of the year your son might not find the swap as good as it first sounds,
    I’m with your daughter who wants to wear real shoes and go for a real walk, I’m fed up with boots and drying my wet coat and I only go to town/out once or twice a week,
    the plus side of rain is it is definitely warmer, but I long for dry, dry, dry, I hope we both get some soon, Frances

    • Hi Frances,

      This is one of the bonuses of a historic neighborhood, the trees and the space. You can see why we try to fight development as much as we can, it is a gem of an area. It is also a true neighborhood where people move in and stay for decades upon decades and people know each other.

      My sister-in-law just outside of Liverpool said it has rained non-stop for months. At least it makes the grass green!


  2. Aw, you’ve got way more snow than we have! I came across a video on You Tube called The Grounds for Violence. The complaints are out of Winnipeg, but I’m sure you can empathize!

    • The worst thing about the snow is we were away the week of a huge snowfall that snowed in and then iced in our very ancient garage door. Our snowblower was frozen inside our garage all winter so we shoveled a lot The snow is still two feet deep on the north sides of our buildings.

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