Still Iced Up

We seem to be experiencing the never-ending winter. In other years we would have seen much of the snow melted away by now, children splashing in puddles and even a few tulips poking through the earth. Unfortunately here we are, the end of March, and winter is still very much here; so much so that again today was spent snowshoeing. Here are a few of icicle images from this weekend’s winter outing.




7 thoughts on “Still Iced Up

  1. nice ice photos Deb, it does look very cold though, snow briefly making a picturesque scene can look beautiful but day after day for months on end I can imagine being quite depressing, I wish you warmer weather very soon, Frances

    • Hopefully by the end of the week we will see some plus temperatures. Let’s just hope we don’t go from freezing to flooding.

      • You will have summer before we do!! Although we don’t have snow and ice, we do have rain…lots of rain! Here in the Pacific Northwest we know that “summer doesn’t start until July 5th!”

      • Are you by chance in Washington State? We have a place in the Gulf islands just a little north of the San Juans.

      • Yes. We are on Sumas Mt. Just a few miles across the border from Abbotsford and 20 miles or so from the Sound. Love the Gulf Islands.

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