Indoor Gardening Experiment Update

We are finally seeing a little activity on our indoor gardening experiment. Each day I move the planters into the sun by our south-facing window. Every evening I move the planters to a warmer spot; it has been so cold our windows are icing up at night so I don’t want to risk the seedlings freezing (while inside the house!).



So far the radishes look the most promising. This is exactly what I expected as they have such a short time frame until they mature. Hopefully we will end up with some nice homegrown radishes in about a month’s time.



The lettuce is trying it’s best. We have a few sprouts. This planter was planted “creatively” by my daughter so I am not quite sure where all the seeds ended up. I guess the surprise is part of the fun.


Our peas only started poking through yesterday. We have one good sprout and about four teeny ones just barely visible. I am really interested to see if this planter will grow as fresh peas are just so tasty.


The last bucket is chives. Nothing happening yet. It could be old seeds or it might be a waiting game. I guess time will tell.

This has been a pretty fun experiment so far. The younger children love watching the plants grow and see more pop up each day. It has been a great experience for everyone.

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    • I have to move them at night. Even during the day it is -30 with windchill, luckily the bright sun heats up the window.

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