The other work in progress…….

The last few days have been focused on painting and stitching. Whether I am happy about it or not (because it is an immense amount of hand stitching) the answer to this piece was to start stitching in the foliage in the ditch in front of the grain elevators.

stitching - grain elevatorThis is the piece a few weeks ago. As much as I like minimal with most things, this was simply “not done”.

stitchingSo I decided to start stitching in what would be the ditch in the piece. The brown is actually  cotton embroidery thread naturally hand dyed in cutch and dipped in iron for the dark color. The greens are wool hand dyed in marigold again with an iron dip.

stitchingThis is really time consuming work. Thankfully my husband has found a TV series for us to stream (House of Cards) so that we have something to watch during the hours and hours of stitching.

In the above detail the light brown is cutch on cotton and the yellow is marigold on cotton.

grainelevator in progress feb 23 2014Here is the piece as of today. The foreground is filling in nicely. I think it has finally turned the corner.


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8 thoughts on “The other work in progress…….

  1. really lovely Deb, it makes such a difference with some definition in the foreground, how nice to be using threads you have dyed yourself, nice neat hand stitching which is very time consuming, Frances

    • Thanks. Funny how I used to really dislike hand stitching and now I really enjoy it.

      I have the bit between my teeth to get this one done now . As I write I am mordanting a large piece of cotton where I am aiming to do a 30×36 inch piece.

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