42…or art imitating life at the moment

42……the meaning of life, the universe and everything

……….I always love it when I get a YouTube clip that sums up my last few days dealing with our city’s planning department

Anyone got a towel  !!!!!!???

(you’ll have to read the book to get the reference)


(pre-game stretch)

3 thoughts on “42…or art imitating life at the moment

    • Imagine a City NOT sending out notifications at all, and admitting it to neighboring properties, then approving lot subdivision. When questioned, the City told those who should have been notified to “get a lawyer” if you don’t like it.

      Then imagine taking the plot of land and looking at the set backs required. The lot approved is 18.38 meters deep, it needs a minimum rear yard of 7.5 meters and a front yard setback of 13.11 meters. Here is the math:

      18.38 – 7.5 – 13.11 = -2.3 meters

      How can you build in negative space? The lot isn’t even wide enough for the setbacks and they approved this without even notifying the property owners that by the City’s regulations should have been notified.

      They say life is stranger than fiction……………

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