The Making of the Buttons

Yesterday I shared an image of some handmade wooden buttons, so today I thought I would show how they came to be.

I had actually dabbled with making wooden buttons about a year and a half ago, but as it had pretty much ended in disaster I put the project to the side and had pretty much forgotten about it. A few days ago my three year old came up to me a whacked me with a stick, and instead of the usual telling off I responded with “Hey, my button stick. Where did you find that?”. So with a whack of a stick I was back attempting making buttons.

stick and tools

The stick was a pruning from one of our many trees in our yard, probably elm or  crab apple, maybe apricot. In my previous attempt I had stripped off some of the bark which was handy. One of my biggest mistakes last time was the wood was too green, so time solved my first issue. I lined up a different saw this time (the other issue last time was the wrong saw) and EVENTUALLY a miter box, thanks to my dad. My husband had put mine “somewhere” …..we have “his & hers” tool issues in our home to the point that my parents bought me my own drill for Christmas (which is safely stowed …A.K.A. “hidden”…..under my desk).

slices of wood

From here I sliced the stick into small disks a bit thicker than a commercial button as I wanted a rustic looking button for embellishing some of my “Coffee Sweaters”.

sanding the button


Next was a bit of sanding.

drilling holesdrilling holes

Then drilling the holes with a rotary tool.

Hand Made ButtonsFinally……buttons!

It seems quite simple when I look at the steps but it sure didn’t go that quickly.

 wood buttons

They do look wonderful on the “Coffee Sweaters”.

Coffee Sweaters made of  naturally hand dyed and hand knit locally produce wool.

Coffee Sweaters made of naturally hand dyed and hand knit locally produce wool.

Another batch is off to a local store, Sunworks, in Red Deer, Alberta. You can find them on the counter in the Coconut Room.

Time to get knitting and dyeing again!

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5 thoughts on “The Making of the Buttons

  1. Love the buttons!! I’m not a tool user, so I’m showing this to my artist/cabinet-maker son-in-law!! Hopefully, I’ll have some cool buttons for my next project!!

  2. Quite an interesting process to making the buttons. I love the warm colors and all the cool designs on the coffee sweaters. The buttons really add distinction to the coffee sweaters.

    • The hand made buttons could become a permanent feature if I can figure out a quicker way to make them ( and get my hand to heal up!).

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