New Bracelets & Coffee Sweaters & Refreshed Website

coffee sweater page image 1Last night I worked until around 2:00 am updating my Hunter Photographics and Studio H website at . I have been wanting to get images of the Coffee Sweaters and the Driftwood Bracelets up on the site for ages. I have been dragging my heels for months as I had been debating over what to do with the whole “Shop” concept. In the end I have decided to go with a simple shop on my website and focus on selling local, word of mouth, markets, local sellers and if required I will ship within Canada.

As the products have a bit of “eco friendly” angle, it seemed silly to me to sell these items world wide as a lot of resources are used in shipping far distances. So for now I am taking the “grass roots”, close to home approach. I think it suits what I am doing.

I might have chatted about the Coffee Sweaters before. They are cool as I dye them in natural dyes by hand and then knit them by hand in the round. I have knit A LOT recently, but it is a good winter time activity. I have enough of my old wool stock left for about three Coffee Sweaters and then I will be on to my new wool supply of locally produced and locally milled wool. I am dying to knit up the new wool. I spent the weekend dyeing a range of colors, colors different to what I was achieving before. Different wool, different colors. Really interesting.

black box coffee sweaters pic

I have also added the Driftwood Bracelets to the site. The cotton threads I again dye naturally and tie by hand. I collect the teeny driftwood pieces when we are out on the beaches of the West Coast. Winter seems to be a good time to collect the pieces while the waves are smashing everything to bits. The bracelets are also embellished with glass beads. These bracelets have a very earthy feel. A great item for lovers of the outdoors.

dwb 2 website

I will add a few of the links here. As more items are completed I will share them either on this blog or on .

The new shop Coffee Sweater page can be found HERE.

The new Bracelet page can be found HERE.

The new Shop page can be found HERE.

Hopefully soon I will have more items to share with everyone!

5 thoughts on “New Bracelets & Coffee Sweaters & Refreshed Website

  1. These are beautiful. I love that you dye the yarn yourself. An Art in itself!! I have only dyed yarn once, years ago. Love the new drift wood bracelet! Anything from the beach is awesome in my books.

    • Thanks. Once I rebuild my Coffee Sweater stock I will be spending more time on the bracelets. I LOVE natural dyeing, I joke to my husband that the witch is at the cauldron when I am doing it……and then famous lines from Macbeth are said……..

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