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blog window 1Today I was going to post a lovely post about snowshoeing, but it didn’t happen. What happened instead is what you see in the picture above. Enough said.

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Then I was going to put up a ranting post, but I decided “Less is More”. So I have decided to present just a few concise facts.

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Living in Red Deer – My Year in Review

– 1   incident when I walked into our garage to find two guys in the garage casing the place.

1   smashed window on our van (today).

– 2   garage break-ins and thefts.

3   separate bullying incidents, with three separate children (aged 5, 9 & 10) in the span of three months in the same school.
(Evidently I have exceeded my “bullying limit” and the school has stopped responding to my emails in attempt to find a resolution to the latest event.)

Now let me share an irony. We moved to Red Deer from a bedroom community across the River Mersey from Liverpool in the U.K., and worked in Liverpool. One of the reasons we moved was an improved lifestyle. No one takes a move like this lightly, immigration is a hassle, it’s costly, and it is darn hard work starting completely from scratch. Liverpool, when we lived there was the land of car break-ins; you took your radio with you when you parked your car, you put a club lock on your steering wheel when parked so no one would nick your car. You have alarms on EVERY house and car. You convert your interior door knobs to be locking ones just in case some one broke in, this made it harder for thieves to steal every single thing in your house. Shops are all metal shuttered when closed due to break-ins,the streets resembling a war torn country. But that only slowed down the thefts, then they just started driving vehicles into the buildings to get the job done.

Now here is the thing, we have had MORE criminal activity against our household and vehicle in the past year in Red Deer than we EVER faced in Liverpool. Ironic ? Depressing? Frustrating? Pathetic? You choose.

Is this an improved lifestyle?……………….No.

Is this a policing issue? ………………………No.

Is the a societal issue?………………………..Yep.

Quite honestly I could make my millions by developing a “jerk counter” and selling them in Red Deer, because there are an awful lot of jerks in this city anymore.

Anyways, enough said, well done Red Deer, you’ve outdone yourself. Liverpool, U.K. (and area) is now a safer place to be than Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. (And trust me, any Brit reading this is right now shaking their head and saying “HOLY CRAP”….well in Liverpool they are saying something else but I certainly can’t write that here! LOL!)

21 thoughts on “Living In Red Deer, Alberta

    • I know things can happen anywhere, but you would be shocked if I gave you the full list over the last few years. Personally I think our municipality has chosen to attract businesses and build neighborhoods that only appeal to a certain demographic and it has lead to an unbalanced population and in turn a lot of social problems. Evidently whoever did this went through the whole area doing it. What type of person does this?!

  1. Sorry this happened to you. My parents are originally from Liverpool – had to leave to look for work way back in the mid 1960’s. We used to visit friends there a lot – a place that was a mixture of friendly people with a great sense of humour and an array of social challenges like the ones you mention.
    I hope you get the bullying sorted out and that things get better for you in Red Deer.

    • It seems like a lot of people left Liverpool in the 1960’s, my husband’s parents had even contemplated it. I actually love Liverpool. Actually we love it enough that our 5th child has Anfield for a middle name….yep, named after the footie ground. I think what gets me is Liverpool is kind of known for crime yet we have tons more happen to us personally here in Red Deer and everyone acts like there isn’t an issue. There most certainly is an issue.

      On the immigration front, it is funny that among people my husband knew growing up many of them have moved abroad to Canada, the U.S.A., Australia and New Zealand.

      • I’ve been to Canada once and I can understand why people emigrate there.All that space for starters! But I appreciate that if an issue isn’t faced it doesn’t always get better on it’s own.

  2. Oh dear, My home in Winnipeg, Canada sounds similar.Honestly I think the rest of the world sees Canada to be far different than what it actually is…and I’m considering moving to England!

  3. I am so very, very sorry!! I love Liverpool – visited a couple of years ago and want to come back. I climbed the the top of the highest church – When I reached the top, I could see the whole world.

    • If you had looked the length of Hope Street from the top of the Anglican Cathedral towards the Catholic Cathedral , half way down the street you would have seen where I used to work.

      • When you were standing at Pier Head looking across the water by the ferry terminal, if you had looked to your right across to the other side you would have seen the house my husband grew up in overlooking the Mersey.

        Believe it or not we used to take the ferry to work! That was a whole different type of public transport.

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