-49 Celsius with wind chillCheck out our current temperature with wind chill.

Yes, you read that correctly………………………

-49 Celsius.


Very cold.


8 thoughts on “Brrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

    • Our temperatures do give a different perspective on things.

      Years ago I was visiting Avila in Spain and it actually snowed. All the children were so excited. It made for some interesting pictures.

  1. My gosh that is so very, very cold. It’s slightly warmer (only relatively speaking, of course) here in Calgary. I need gas and the only day where the forecast gets up over -20C, it’s expected to snow. I have to remember to keep the tank filled because it’s no fun getting gas in -20C plus wind!

    • Luckily getting gas seems to be a task my husband undertakes as the pay-at- the-pumps never seem to work for me.

      Did you hear on the news last night that the cold snap could last until Christmas?! I hope they are wrong.

      • I heard that! Double Brrrrr! Usually here in Calgary, the cold snap lasts a couple of weeks and we get one or two of those a year — quite survivable. But longer than that will be a challenge! I had better plan to zip out for gas everytime it gets above -15C!

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