Looking for the Bright Side in a Whole Lot of Snow – Red Deer, Alberta

We have just come out of a serious snowstorm, or shall I say “blizzard”. I was originally going to post pictures of the bad weather, of people stuck, and of snowplows, but then I thought “How boring!”.

Anyone who lives in a snowy nation knows snow happens, and with careless driving you will get stuck or in an accident. Quite honestly if most of the people moaning about the snow just picked up a shovel and got to work things wouldn’t be so bad, the sidewalks could be cleared as well as parking spots. This is what we spent yesterday doing, twice, to the tune of having shoveled out over 600 linear feet of sidewalk….and we get to do it again today!

Late yesterday afternoon I decided to shoot something positive even though it was a very snowy, windy and cold day. I popped across the street where there is a forested area and decided it was a great day for macro photography. I managed to find a few gems of nature dotted amongst the snowy landscape.





The snow continues to fall lightly today in starts and stops. I thought I would also share a couple of pictures of our house and yard to show just how much of the white stuff has dropped.


The spot where our two roofs join has snow 3-5 feet in depth.

have a seat? The snow is up to the chair's arms.

have a seat? The snow is up to the chair’s arms.

No outdoor dining today!

No outdoor dining today!


6 thoughts on “Looking for the Bright Side in a Whole Lot of Snow – Red Deer, Alberta

  1. Enjoyed seeing the ‘bright side’ of your snow storm – that is a pile of snow! BTW, we in southern BC love seeing photos of the rest of Canada digging out of the snow, though i shouldn’t be too smug as we are in a cold spell now with the threat of snow sometime in the coming week.

    • The snow along the sidewalks where we have shovelled is now higher than my three year old is tall!

      You’ll laugh at this. Yesterday I texted this to my husband after having done the school run: ” Definition of an idiot…..someone who owns on the coast but stays in Alberta for a blizzard.”

      I can’t wait until after Christmas when we can escape this again! Dreaming of either New Year’s golf or kayaking.

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