Winter Visitors – Red Deer, Alberta

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For much of the afternoon the “Littles” and I  watched the birds visiting our  feeders. This year we have three feeders in our backyard and they are all easily viewed through the windows. We tend to have a never ending supply of chickadees, but we get a few other birds popping by for food too. They are a hungry bunch and empty the feeders every few days. The birds are also quite messy eaters, scattering seed all over the snow. I am sure we will have a few sunflowers spouting randomly where the seed has been dropped once summer comes. So far we have been lucky and the squirrels have yet to figure out the feeders, but I am sure it is only a matter of time.

2 thoughts on “Winter Visitors – Red Deer, Alberta

  1. Love these photos, Deb! We had a feeder/stand and had it too close to a tree. Even though it had a squirrel deterrent on the bottom, the squirrel made the long flying leap to the feeder! So, we moved the feeder and that squirrel chattered at us for a long time! He was SO mad!! LOL.

    • Squirrels are such a problem in our neighborhood. They have taken over our garage and live in it (its getting a refurb in the spring and the furry friends are being evicted for good!). Our neighbors across the street some how had them get into their house from under the deck and they also got into the attic; they did enough damage to require redoing the deck, the roof and the siding

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