13 thoughts on “It’s Back (sigh)

  1. Deb, I am sure your photographer’s eye will gradually have you making peace with it! Very pretty shots. I saw someone driving around our mountain town with a canoe on the roof of their car this weekend covered in ice. Maybe it was you? šŸ˜‰ You musn’t be the only one in denial!

    • Maybe I’ll get in the mood for snow once I have a great snow shoe outing and Second Cup brings out their festive teas and coffees.

      How is driving on the Trans-Canada by Canmore at the moment? We are trying to figure out whether a drive west (escaping snow!) is a good idea or not later in the week.

      • It was pretty dicey this weekend but it was snowing HARD (up to 25 cms in spots). People just need to slow down when it is like that! šŸ™‚ The sun’s out here now, so the roads are melting and it’s supposed to be like this until Thursday/Friday when we get more flurries — but only 2-4 cms. I would be with you (escaping) if I didn’t have a show coming up! LOL. Say hello to the coast for me!

      • Thanks for the weather report. It is quite helpful.

        Wow, you have another show come up. I can’t believe how busy you are. You must be working non-stop. Very impressive.

        Have a great show.

      • Thanks Deb! Yes a show in Calgary on Nov 23 & 24, then open studio Dec 7 & 8 here in Canmore. It is usually busy this time of year but fun to get out and see my peeps! Drive safe if you go.. ESP over Roger’s pass… šŸ™‚

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