Sunset in Oil Country – Alberta, Canada

Late October sunset on Highway 20 , "somewhere" south of Breton, Alberta, Canada.

Late October sunset on Highway 20 , “somewhere” south of Breton, Alberta, Canada.

Last night we had to do a quick run up to the cabin. A quick run, in this case, was 2.5 hours up, 20 minutes there, and 3 hours back. It was a case of sorting out the water system for winter. Every year we leave it until the last minute hoping for unseasonably warm weather and inevitably have to make an emergency trip north once we are threatened with a night of really cold temperatures.

October Sunset, Alberta, Canada

This sunset tempted me for ages. It was truly beautiful. Eventually I just had to give in, find a safe place to pull off to the side, and take a shot.

You just have to love the beauty of rural Alberta.

12 thoughts on “Sunset in Oil Country – Alberta, Canada

    • We were in Finland many years ago, in January, and we were amazed at how similar the countryside of Canada and Finland were at the time.

      Thanks for visiting the blog.

  1. The sunsets (and sunrises) have been particularly incredible and dramatic as of late, haven’t they? I guess it will be too snowy and cloudy today for skies like in your photos…I’m sure not looking forward to this first snowfall.

    • The snow this morning is depressing. I am sitting here trying to get motivated to shoot something for the blog that embraces the weather, but I’m just not feeling the love towards the snow falling. I also know I now need to dig up my carrots and parsnips (I always leave them as late as possible).

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