Eco-print Experiment Success

I expect the occasional reader is going to look at this post and say “Huh?”, shake their head, and move on, but I am pretty excited about the outcome of this latest eco print.

madder marigold rose leaf eco-printI have been toying with mixing naturally dyed cloth with eco-printing. There have been some disasters and disappointments along the way. Sometimes an idea on paper doesn’t exactly work in the dye pot. This time I finally achieved a useable result. The fabric is dyed with marigold grown in my garden and madder, plus eco-printed with rose leaves from my front garden. The fabric is 100% cotton and measures 22 inches by 45 inches, so a decent sized piece of fabric to work with.

madder marigold rose leaf eco-printInterestingly, when I unbundled the piece there were tons of little spots that seemed to resist the dyeing and eco-printing in the very centre of the dots. I have no idea what created the dots, but I guess that is the joy of eco-printing, never knowing exactly what the final result will be.

This should be an interesting piece to turn into “something” in the coming winter months.

10 thoughts on “Eco-print Experiment Success

  1. I’ve been following your eco-printing adventures with interest…I’m fascinated by the process and I want to try it myself next year. I’ve just started experimenting with dyeing fabrics, yarns etc. with plant dyes and this is a “natural” (pardon the pun!) progression. I’m looking forward to trying it out. Thanks for these posts – they’re very inspiring!

    • Thanks for reading the posts. As you are in Calgary you might want to check out this link

      I know they sometimes do events regarding dyeing and eco-dyeing. I haven’t been to any meetings as our family is at a busy stage at the moment, however it might be worth checking into. I know Arlee Barr is an eco dyer in Calgary and attends the events, she also blogs so it might be worth checking out.

      Off topic, seeing as you are THE plant lady, do you happen to know where one could buy a eucalyptus tree in Calgary? I know I can get one on the coast but that would be a long, squishy ride with the kids (they haven’t quite forgiven us for the ride with the blue spruce in the back seat! LOL!)

      • Thanks tons for the link and the info about eco-dyeing; I really appreciate it!

        I did some checking about your eucalyptus tree and have so far come up with nothing…the garden centres don’t carry them, of course…you might be able to purchase one at a place that specializes in houseplants for residential and commercial spaces. Someone told me that eucalyptus don’t make good houseplants because they have very specific moisture/humidity requirements. You might just have to bring one in from the coast…it looks like they’re not an easy find here.

      • Thanks for checking on the eucalyptus. I thought it might be an interesting experiment to try. Maybe I will be able to find a short one to bring back.

    • Cotton is challenging for sure. I think the only reason I am persisting to make it work is I bought a massive amount of cotton at a ridiculously cheap price…I need to do something with it! LOL!

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