Red Deer, Alberta – Tin Can Ghetto of Canada

Welcome to my city. Welcome to my neighborhood. Welcome to the shitty, crappy, tin can ghetto that has invaded our neighborhood. Yes indeed, our city has outdone itself…..big time.

An evening drive home uncovered that the parking lot of the Memorial Centre in Red Deer, Alberta has been turned into “tent city”…..or rather a “TIN CAN OCCUPY MOVEMENT”. 30+ R.V. units have set up camp in the NEIGHBORHOOD of Waskasoo in Red Deer. Yes indeed….a NEIGHBORHOOD…yeah….with real houses, and home owners and children and full of freaking tax payers . Now this is 5 blocks from MY home, but even better this is maybe (and I will be generous here!) 100 meters from the nearest residential residence…..yeah baby….100 meters. Even better is that it is DIRECTLY across from a daycare centre. Just what everyone wants, a transient occupy camp across from where your kids is being cared for when you go to work. Maybe you’ll be lucky and the gathering will be a pedophile convention (who knows!). No matter what the gathering is, this is a neighborhood, this is not a commercial area, this is not a campground, but what this certainly IS NOT is FAIR.


We called By-laws (AKA the R.C.M.P.) with our complaint. Now considering our past dealings we didn’t hold a lot of hope. Well let me tell you this, the R.C.M.P. are consistent. Sigh!!!!! A while after calling in the complaint we get a message left on our phone:

” This is the R.C.M.P. calling. The R.V.’s that you called about are for the square dancing jamboree at the school and will be parked there all weekend.” (or something similar….the cops should have it recorded if you want the exact wording….there was some static part way through but I had no way of typing it to read like it sounds!)


Maybe I will give you the translation:

“This is the R.C.M.P. calling. Little pain in the ass citizen, please quit bothering us. We really don’t give a rat’s ass that you live in the affected neighborhood. We really don’t give a shit that a tent city has moved in near to your home. Who gives a crap if your children are now in an unsafe neighborhood due to the transients. Seriously just shut the f*** up, quit bothering me…..and by the way DON”T FORGET TO PAY YOUR TAXES!!!!!!”

Happy days!!! Happy days!


This is where I get to give Red Deer the most coveted award……..

(drum roll please!)

I now anoint this city with the blessed title of “TIN CAN GHETTO OF CANADA”!!!!

(ta da!)

………and just think, this too could be coming to a neighborhood near you!

…edited to add these ( ) are the people too cheap to pay for a hotel or campsite (after all why would they actually support the Red Deer economy when they can use and abuse!) …..I expect we will also see piles of their garbage left behind at the end of the weekend to be trucked to the Red Deer landfill for the Red Deer taxpayer to pay for! Brilliant!

10 thoughts on “Red Deer, Alberta – Tin Can Ghetto of Canada

    • The fact that you used the term “NIMBY” tells us everything we need to know about you (unoriginal thinker), however I will entertain your comment anyway. I also know from reading your profile previously that you are not from Red Deer so I am sure you are not exactly “in the know” of things happening in the municipality of Red Deer. basically your comment is a Wednesday afternoon sound off…but anyways I will entertain you.

      If you had BOTHERED to actually READ the two posts you would see that it isn’t an issue of “not in my backyard” it is a case of “not in ANY backyard”. Not in a neighborhood, not in a parking lot of a Wal-Mart, not anywhere….hardly elitist.

      There is NO reason for a by-law to allow impromptu shanty towns to exist in a city nearing 100,000 people. We have hotels, motels, campgrounds and bed & breakfasts. We have restaurants for guests of the city to eat in . All a bylaw like this does is create a miserable atmosphere for those living in the neighborhoods AND rob the commercial enterprises within the city of potential business. Sensible.

      Campgrounds are for camping.
      Neighborhoods are for neighbors.

      • But the municipality would not allow this if it were illegal right. it seems like they are just there for a short event and off they go. And Red Deer is big enough that this event isnt going to drain the local business economy in a weekend like you claim. and besides, somebody in Red Deer DOES want them right, so they are there. if not, theyd be somewhere else.

      • Hmmm. Your bio says you are a writer. Is that correct. Interesting sentence structure.

        Let’s start here. Try answering a few questions if you don’t mind.

        Why does the city need this bylaw?
        How does it benefit the tax payers?
        How does the bylaw benefit the City?

        ….and now we can move on to this…..

        Just because a bylaw exists it does not mean it is in the best interests of a municipality. Cities grow and evolve but often bylaws are not updated for the current need of the city. I suspect that is the situation with this bylaw. It was possibly written years ago when amenities for accommodation were limited, which is no longer the case in Red Deer.

        The fact of the matter is it does create a decreased quality of life for the residents of the affected neighborhoods, and like it or not it is an actual valid issue.

        The fact of the matter is it is taking away from tourist based businesses (hotels, campgrounds) being used.

        The fact of the matter is these are neighborhoods not areas of commercial venture, and a campground, paid for or not, creates an atmosphere of a commercial venture. If an individual in the same neighborhood applied to the city for a home business license in that same neighborhood to operate a campground it would be turned down. Why? Because when you apply to the city for a license for a home occupation there are limits on how much traffic you can create. Why are there limits? Limits are in place to protect neighbors, the neighborhoods, and the quality of life. The campground grossly exceeds that limit. The bylaw does not protect the neighbors, the neighborhood or the quality of life.

        So this is yet another interesting point. There is a double standard. A school can do it, an individual can’t, but the two locations are only 50 feet apart. How is that fair?

        The fact of the matter is groups like the ones using the parking lot are a bunch of cheap-skates that go shopping for venues where they don’t have to pay for accommodation. Go look at their website for past jamborees. They do the same thing everywhere. So my guess is that it is not necessarily true that someone in Red Deer wants them. Well, the Public School system wants them as they pathetically money grab by renting out their venue; this of course creates more wear and tear on the facility, but then again it is only the students, children of tax payers, that suffer. No problem in your eyes as you are not a resident of Red Deer and probably won’t procreate. More likely is the scenario that this group went shopping and found a city with a ridiculous bylaw and a greedy school board.

        The event may not “drain” the economy but it isn’t adding to it either. So what is the point of visitors that don’t add to the economy? No point. This is why municipalities stress tourism, to make money. This is very, very basic stuff and I can’t believe I actually have to explain it to someone who supposedly writes for Huff.

        I also want to take a moment to lovingly suggest that you should work on your reading comprehension skills.


      • Yes im a writer.
        well im not sure what your personal issue is here with me. I was only trying to understand. there is a reason you have a blog right. for public view. you want to allow some discussion. my questions were fair. your writing was not clear in the original posts. that is why i asked and you did explain more convincingly. you could have just put some of that in your original post. i dont have to read everything you write. i read what i want. likewise you dont have to accept what I say, but an intelligent discussion is warranted with your readers. Trust me on this. This is why I AM the Huff Post writer. 🙂

      • Do you know how to use capitals?

        Just saying.

        Also you didn’t answer my questions. I guess you just can’t. Sad.

        Well I am bored now and you firmly have your frilly knickers in a twist. Reminds me of discussions with college and university students where they try to argue to make themselves look clever but the end result is…….well…”different”.

        F.Y.I. I am currently posting on my other blog . Perhaps you would like to pop over and argue against supporting local growers, argue that we should import all our food and also stress the point that apples are bad for you. The latest post is called “Apples!”. Go on. you know you wanna!

      • oh shut up you stupid hag. another reply from you and im claiming HATE mail, to RCMP. I dont want another reply from you. what a waste of online space and poor Red Deer. pathetic soul you are.

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