butterflyWe’ve been spending a lot of time outside recently and one of the things we have noticed is there are butterflies everywhere. Little ones, big ones and huge ones. One so huge it was mistaken for a shuttlecock in a badminton game and my poor son accidentally hit it. He felt awful, the butterfly was stunned, but it all ended well when all was said and done. Here are a few pictures of butterflies we have seen in recent days.



7 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. Great photos Deb!. Number two and four is , I believe, a Spring Azure. I’ve tried to get a good photo of one for a long time with little luck – they seem to always be on the move. Their flash of blue when flying is wonderful and then they will land, close up their wings and look like a dull brownish butterfly. Number three is a White Admiral.

    • Thanks for the butterfly info, I know I should look it up but something always happens (5 kids…who would have thought! LOL!)

      I was lucky with the Spring Azure. We were out for a hike after a weird storm and the butterflies were slow moving. It sure made getting a picture easier.

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