Moose on the Loose

These images were taken about 10 minutes ago as my son’s had to abandon their badminton game due to a rather large visitor! What luck to see such a big animal up close. He also had the courtesy to trim my crab apple tree for me.




Cash Cow??????

100 dollars
Well I had my “Ah-ha!” moment last night. Do you remember my post titled “A Learning Experience?” ? It is subtle little blog post that may have alluded to a teeny tiny issue with my son’s Grade 9 math class and teacher.

Soooooooooo……………………… that whole episode, at approximately 4:37 pm (didn’t check how many seconds!) on June 25th “School Principal” called us;  we had called to find out our son’s final mark hours earlier. In that little conversation she indicated that we could put our son in St. Gabe’s for High School Math Prep even though both “School Principal” and “Superintendent of Schools” are adamant our son Alex received appropriate instruction.

Sooooooo………..let’s analyze this…….the “officials” declare appropriate math instruction is given in the grade 9 math classes………………………however…………………..this very same division offers a Math 10 Prep Course through St. Gabriel’s Cyber School which is part of Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools school division.

Mixed messages? You decide.

By the way math prep costs a COOL ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Real cash money.


So let’s do a little basic math. Now I should warn you I myself am a product of Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools. I attended the very same schools my children are attending. So clearly don’t expect a whole lot from my math skills either. (Hey, by the way did you read my blog post about math in the school system?!)

Please solve the following math problem: (showing your work is not necessary)

My son says he had 32 students in his class.  Assume 50% of his class population were male (were, as in school is over, not that they had sex-change operations!) . Assume 10% of his male classmates are math genius’. Assume the balance of male math students fit “math teacher’s” description of “most of the boys are struggling in math” (as seen in my blog). There were 4 classes of grade 9 students at St. Thomas Aquinas School for the 2012-2013 school year. Let’s say, hypothetically, every parent of these resulting BOYS was brain-washed or bullied (see the comment by a reader in the previous blog post ) by the administration, principal or teacher to put their child in Math 10 Prep Course through St. Gabriel’s Cyber School. What do we end up with? (multiple choice of course, it takes too long to mark it otherwise!)

a) 42 (hitch-hiker anyone?)

b) union sanctioned stress leave

c) a profit of $5,760

d) a giraffe

………… oooh, aaaah, soo hard to work this one out………shoot

Well I will give you the answer, if you haven’t guessed…..d) a giraffe ……hey, I told you I was a product of this school system.

When we break it down, on the above guesstimate, based on BOYS only, we have the potential for 57.6 grade 9 BOYS being affected by the situation this year only.

The real number to look at is the cash revenue this creates $5,760.



Let’s do the recap:

1) the “officials” declare appropriate math instruction is given in the grade 9 math classes

2)  “math teacher” says of “most of the boys are struggling in math”

3) Math 10 Prep Course through St. Gabriel’s Cyber School is offered

So could someone tell me why a Math 10 Prep Course NEEDS to be offered if the “officials” declare appropriate math instruction is given in the grade 9 math classes.


Cash Cow?

You decide.

I just present what is possible or maybe not. Maybe it’s fiction or maybe its real, and for those who are in the know the answer is of course 42.

100(Has anyone EVER heard of a sport’s team throwing a game? Usually happens when there is cash to be made.  OOPs….not a sports blog!!! Can never keep these blogs straight. LOL!)


pelicans, lake isle, albertaWe were out at the cabin again this weekend. We glanced out to the lake just at the right moment to see two pelicans gliding by. We always think it is such a treat when we come across them as they are so different.

A cropped in image of the pelican.

A cropped in image of the pelican.

The next day we were out and I noticed my husband was driving a rather odd route to our destination. I asked him where we were going, and he said he wanted to take a quick look to see if the pelicans were still around. We stopped at the part of the lake where we expected to see the birds, but not a single pelican was on the water. Then, by chance, we looked up to see pelican after pelican flying overhead. What a sight!

pelicans in flight


A Finished Canvas

Yarrow at Hamilton Beach, Pender Island (2013) 24x36 web

“Yarrow at Hamilton Beach, Pender Island”

I have finally finished the canvas that has been on my easel for months. It is a painting inspired by the yarrow that grows wildly along the banks of Hamilton Beach on Pender Island. The painting measures 24 inches by 36 inches, and is acrylic on canvas.

Hamilton Beach will lead you along to the marina and pub at Port Browning. The marina is a great place to check out all the boats while the pub has fabulous fish and chips. Trust me, there is nothing better than eating fish and chips on a beach after an afternoon of kayaking.

The inspiration behind the painting.

The inspiration behind the painting.

The above photograph is what inspired the painting. Of course the painting is far from a photographic representation with my love of pattern and bold color. I am looking forward to finally hanging the painting on the dining room wall in our place on Pender; it will add a lot of color to a very beige wall.

I am also sharing finished art and photography pieces on my other blog Debra Hunter – Photography & Art

Island Home is where I share my images and experiences of Pender Island, British Columbia.

Hey, what’s up?!

funny face blogNow that I have your attention! LOL!

This is just a quick post for those who follow and . In the next few days a few posts that have already appeared on “H……the blog” will be appearing on “Debra Hunter – photography and art”. I thought I would just give everyone the “heads up” rather than leave you thinking “Hey didn’t I see that before?”.

This just seemed to be a sensible way to set up the framework for the new blog and give it a bit of a kick-start.

Within a week or two it should be all new content!

Thanks for reading!

Lake Isle – After the Rain

Lake Isle, Alberta

Our mid-week get away let us experience a windy and soaking rain storm. Once the storm moved to the east we were left with stunning colors and wildlife popping out all over. In addition to many types of birds, we also managed to see a muskrat, two deer and a fox….all in a matter of a few minutes. We were thrilled to see the fox, unfortunately he was quicker than the camera!

muskratmuskratLake Isle, Albertadeer

11:40pm and still light in the sky at Lake Isle, Alberta

11:40pm and still light in the sky at Lake Isle, Alberta


I’ve decided to start another blog to focus on my art and “serious” photography. I will continue to blog all the fun stuff here at H….the blog. Feel free to pop on over and visit the new site. I aim to get some fresh content up on it very quickly.

Debra Hunter - Canadian photography, art and handmade

Debra Hunter

I would like to welcome you to my new blog.

Last August I started blogging at . I never knew blogging would end up being such a fascinating way of connecting with both new people and people I have known for years. Originally “H….the blog” was going to be my blog about art and photography, however as time went on the scope expanded further and further. I was no longer sharing just images from studio sessions or the latest fibre art projects, I was also blogging about snowshoeing, walks through the woods and potential developments damaging habitats. As I love writing about both art & photography and all the other things in life, I decided a new blog will help me to place my interests into compartments. will cover my wanderings and all the fun stuff, will cover art & photography, and as if that isn’t enough,

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