Busy as a Beaver

beaver, lake isle, albertaOn the weekend we stopped by the lake access at Silver Sands, located on Lake Isle. As I walked to the water’s edge I noticed a lot of activity with a couple of muskrats; they were swimming around, climbing on logs and nibbling on things. I decided to go grab my camera from the vehicle hoping to capture a few muskrat shots. When I returned there was not a single muskrat in sight, however in their place was a beaver.

beaver, lake isle, albertaThe beaver cruised back and forth, and even tried to scare us away by flicking and splashing his tail. After quite a long time the beaver eventually grew bored with our presence and swam off into the distance.

beaver, lake isle, albertaWildlife encounters are always interesting and memorable.

4 thoughts on “Busy as a Beaver

  1. Oh, I love it! I know beavers aren’t so popular when they are plugging up people’s beloved creeks, but they are just doing their thing! I love their industrious nature. How beautiful to spot one. I love your last photo with the ripples!

    • It is always fun to have the up close animal experiences. I am starting to think that the blog is becoming more of a nature blog due to the time of year and the fact that my studio is still out of commission. Thanks for popping by the blog!

  2. I once paddled up on a beaver. He crawled up on to a log and sat there an looked at me and I floated and talked to him. I did not grab my camera because I was afraid I’d frighten him into the water. We sat together for a while looking at each other – and then he entered the water and slowly swam away. I really enjoy quiet encounters with wildlife – thanks for sharing yours with us.

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