Barrhead, Alberta (April 2013)

barrhead elevators Sometimes a little iffy weather does you a favor. We were hanging out at the cabin this weekend, Saturday morning gave us summery clear skies, but by the afternoon the wind arrived with a vengeance. We decided that if we were going to watch the wind blow we might as well go for a drive along the country roads surrounding our place. We didn’t really set out with a plan, and we saw a lot of cool stuff, but one thing we really didn’t focus on was the gas gauge. Now luckily we glanced down before it “dinged”, took a look at the GPS to figure out exactly where we were, and decided we definitely needed to pop into the closest town which just happened to be Barrhead.

I was thrilled to come across the grain elevators in the town. Grain elevators are sadly disappearing from the prairie landscape, so when I come across an elevator I always stop to shoot a few frames. It was well worth braving the gale force winds and driving rain to get the shot. After a quick fill up with gas we were back on our way to our cozy cabin.


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