Blood Star

Blood StarI don’t often have the chance to play around with Photoshop, as it is a tool of my trade I find I use it to get the job done and that is that.  I was working through the middle of the night yesterday, trying to finish off a fibre art piece, and for some reason I sat down and started playing with Photoshop. Perhaps the theory was that doing something else would help me come up with a solution for mounting the piece. If that was the thought process, it certainly didn’t work. By 4:30 am there was still no solution for the fibre piece but I had created this pretty funky looking image of a blood star. I have to admit that having a chance to “play” on Photoshop was actually pretty fun.

The blood star was originally photographed at the beach on Bridges Road, on Pender Island, British Columbia. If you are interested in seeing the origins of the above image, they can be see in the blood star post on my other blog .


6 thoughts on “Blood Star

  1. This looks like a really cool screen print! I love Photoshop — it is fun to play with! I have “elements” and use it on lots of my photos, but not to this degree. Maybe I should play more too? 🙂

    • I thought it looked a bit like a print too. I am going to have to contemplate other ways to use it and try to think more like an “artist” than a “photographer”….for me that is the challenge if I am in front of a machine.

    • Thank you for checking out my blood star post here on, the originl shot is on . The island home blog shows our love affair with Pender. We often pass your gallery sign when we park at Gowlland Point and have been curious about your gallery. Would you be interested in having a blog post done on your gallery? I have always thought it would be fun to add in a “People of Pender” element. Just email me if you are interested, and if you are we’ll be out again on May long weekend and we can set something up.

      Off topic, how are things growing on the island at the moment? We planted veggie seeds when we were out last and I was wondering how they were doing. I guess I am just virtual gardening as it is STILL snowingg here. LOL!

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