The Effects of Water

rusted chain

This weekend we buzzed out to the Gulf Islands for Easter. Being on the coast one can’t help but think of the effects water has on the world around you. There is evidence everywhere of the power of water; battered buoys, rusted chains, weathered docks and of course, driftwood.

battered dock



Part of our trip was also an effort to escape the effects of water….or should I say water damage. Two weeks ago our basement experienced some significant flooding thanks to a root growing through the sewer line. The bathroom and customer sitting areas are complete tear outs. All I can say is thank goodness for insurance. I am also relieved that the studios didn’t have any damage. Now the challenge is to make the area travelling to the studio safe as the construction process carries on. I definitely have my work cut out for the coming weekend trying to make the area workable.

This used to be a lovely laminate floor.

This used to be a lovely laminate floor.

What's left of the bathroom.

What’s left of the bathroom.




4 thoughts on “The Effects of Water

    • The water damage is bad. Actually it was so horrible when it happened you couldn’t help but laugh, it was beyond belief. I don’t think the restoration company realizes the challenge they are about to have as most current things like shower units don’t fit 1946 construction (we’ve been measuring for years and have never been able to replace it), plus it is a horrific staircase to get materials down. We added on to the house a few years ago and had to have all the major materials dropped into the poured foundation before they continued building. They will probably have to slice every piece of drywall and plywood in half to get it down the stairs.

    • Rotten…..literally. Luckily it is traditionally a quiet time of year for shooting, but I hope they can at least get the floor that leads to the studio fixed within a couple of weeks, otherwise it will be super rotten.

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