A little bass please…..

bass This week we had the opportunity to attend “Choir Kids” as two of our children were participating in the event with their school choir. Now I know if any parents are reading this they may have actually cringed at the thought of listening to an evening of children’s choirs, after all we’ve all sat through school concerts of tragically out of tune singing with smiles pasted on our faces, but this was truly different. To be honest, the evening, and the singing, was quite fabulous.

“Choir Kids” is an interesting program where elementary school choirs have the opportunity to rehearse and perform with the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra provides a scaled down selection of musicians so that the accompaniment is equally balanced to the volume of the choirs. This was an amazing experience for our children. They performed wonderfully and the teachers who make the choir program possible did a fine job of preparing the choir for the event.

This is the 15th year the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra has presented this event. This event is part of their Education and Outreach programming. The orchestra also welcomes sponsors for events such as this, and their office can be contacted for individuals or businesses who are interested in sponsorship.

I’d like to say “Thanks!” to the orchestra for such a great program and evening; it was truly a memorable experience for our children.

5 thoughts on “A little bass please…..

  1. What a great idea and a fabulous outreach program! I love your photo, too. My oldest son plays upright bass so I have a soft spot for bassists! Children singing always makes me tear up. 🙂

    • It was a pretty amazing evening, I had no idea what to expect. The conductor also has a bucket of personality so it was really fun.

      How did your son get into playing the upright bass? Is this your oldest son?

      • Yes, my oldest who is almost 22 and is studying jazz in Vancouver. Like your kids, he got into a school music program and started playing electric bass in Grade 7, and just loved it. He ended up in a performing arts school for high school, and took music after high school where a prof introduced him to the upright. It’s such a joy to see him play. He loves music (as do I)! Now, he’s composing music for my video artist demonstrations on YouTube. So cool!

      • That is really cool. Having your son in Vancouver probably gives you a great reason to head to the coast every so often.

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