Monday Night Maki – Food Photography

maki 3

Tonight was another great opportunity for food photography as we decided to make maki. This gave me the opportunity to again tweak the high-key lighting and I am pretty happy with how it is successful with a variety of dishes.

maki 1

We are newbies at maki-making, this is actually only our second attempt ever; we still have a lot to learn. Tonight we did a cucumber maki and a salmon and mango maki. We may still have a way to go on the “pretty” front, but at least it was yummy.

makiInterestingly, our children love maki, even our two-year old. They aren’t exactly of the “Hamburger Helper” mindset, which is pretty great when you are their parents…..but it does mean we have to fight our 10-year-old for our fair share as he goes insane over any type of Japanese food.

maki 2The one bonus of making maki at home is that there is no fake grass adorning the food. Our children fight over who gets the fake grass. I have no idea what they plan to do with it, but for some reason it is this precious treasure.