Flower Garden (2013) – Update

Flower Garden (2013)

Flower Garden (2013)

” Flower Garden”

dimensions : 16 inches by 20 inches

media: silk hand dyed with hand-crafted natural dyes, embellished with cotton, bamboo and silk thread, and accented with glass beads

Several weeks ago I posted about finishing ” Flower Garden “. It had been a crazy time finishing the piece before the submission date, to the point of finishing up the beading in the car as my husband drove to the West Coast and back again.

It turns out that it was well worth my while to go above and beyond to finish the piece in time. Last night I received an email indicating that “Flower Garden” had been accepted to be shown in the “Rooted in the Arts” exhibition.  “Rooted in the Arts” is a juried fine art exhibition that is being shown in conjunction with the 2013  Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Distinguished Artists Awards. The exhibition will run from May 13th to June 22nd, 2013 at the Harris-Warke Gallery in Red Deer, Alberta.

Latin Food Photography (2)

Plato Amoroso-Shrimp

Plato Amoroso-Shrimp

I spent the past weekend immersed in food photography again. It was a continuation of the recent shoot for Jose Jose Latin Restaurant. This weekend was spent building a blog for the restaurant. Photography is interesting at the moment, it is no longer a case of just shoot and print the image. Images can now be digitally altered and processed to which the final result is only limited by one’s imagination. The digital format also makes desktop publishing and promotion via electronic means and social media sites convenient . I have to admit I quite like taking photography to the next level when a customer’s requirements include creating layouts or creating web or blog sites. I love the challenge of a shoot becoming a larger project and it is very rewarding to see the final product when the whole project is completed.

Taco Beef Fajita

Taco Beef Fajita

Plato Santiagueno

Plato Santiagueno



A little bass please…..

bass This week we had the opportunity to attend “Choir Kids” as two of our children were participating in the event with their school choir. Now I know if any parents are reading this they may have actually cringed at the thought of listening to an evening of children’s choirs, after all we’ve all sat through school concerts of tragically out of tune singing with smiles pasted on our faces, but this was truly different. To be honest, the evening, and the singing, was quite fabulous.

“Choir Kids” is an interesting program where elementary school choirs have the opportunity to rehearse and perform with the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra provides a scaled down selection of musicians so that the accompaniment is equally balanced to the volume of the choirs. This was an amazing experience for our children. They performed wonderfully and the teachers who make the choir program possible did a fine job of preparing the choir for the event.

This is the 15th year the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra has presented this event. This event is part of their Education and Outreach programming. The orchestra also welcomes sponsors for events such as this, and their office can be contacted for individuals or businesses who are interested in sponsorship.

I’d like to say “Thanks!” to the orchestra for such a great program and evening; it was truly a memorable experience for our children.

The second day of spring?

The second day of spring?

snowy buddha

(Insert laugh here after looking at the pictures!)

winter scenerySnow fall warnings. Gusting winds. A 200 car pile-up on the highway north of here.


The $1,000,000 spent on a bike lane project here in Red Deer, Alberta was well spent!

The $1,000,000 spent on a bike lane project here in Red Deer, Alberta was well spent! It is getting a ton of use this time of year.

The good news is it has now warmed up to -11 (with windchill……..we are in Alberta you know). The bonus is we now have a “winter storm warning in effect“; Environment Canada certainly knows how to brighten one’s day.

frozen apples


Is everyone enjoying global warming as much as I am?

(oh, sorry, “climate change”)

frozen buddha

A Little Winter Joy

yellow rose

“While in Victorian times, the yellow rose symbolized jealousy, today it represents friendship, joy and caring. A bouquet of these sun-filled blossoms conveys warmth, gladness and affection.”

(The symbolism of the yellow rose according to the Teleflora website.)

yellow roseThis week my husband brought home this perfect yellow rose. It has been brightening up my week, sitting on my desk while I have spent endless hours working on the computer. It is interesting how one of the yellow rose’s meanings is “joy”as the rose has certainly brought a lot of joy over recent days, brightening our lives during a cold and grim wintry week.



Latin Food Photography (1)

It has been a busy, busy week with work for my photography business. In addition to the usual portrait work, my week has been filled with food photography. I recently did a shoot for Jose Jose Latin Restaurant where we photographed a good proportion of their menu items. The food is very colorful and very yummy. The servings are also HUGE, so if you are feeling hungry it is certainly a place to check out. Today I am sharing images of Jose Jose’s empanada, fajita and chimichanga. I’ll share a few more images in the days to come. I am pretty sure the images will leave you with a craving for latin food.

Empanada - photography by Hunter Photographics


Fajita - photography by Hunter Photographics


Chimichanga - photography by Hunter Photographics


Block Printing, A First Attempt

Last Friday I came across this blog entry from the Linda Cote Studio.  As I read her step by step description of block printing I had two thoughts, the first was that “block printing was pretty cool”, and the second was “I wonder if it would work on fabric”. So later that afternoon I toddled down to the art store, bought the blocks and tools and thought I’d give it a try. Later that evening, after we put our children to bed, I started carving up the first block. My husband looks over at what I was doing and asked when I first thought about doing a block print, my answer was “About two o’clock this afternoon.”. This is how I tackle most projects.

Lino block coated with tumeric paste.

Lino block coated with turmeric paste.

Wet pieces of silk printed with tumeric.

Wet pieces of silk printed with turmeric.

I decided to do the first trial with turmeric. It was handy and cheap. It just took a little trial and error to get the paste to work and give a print. The wet prints looked great, but lacked a bit of contrast when washed and dried.


Turmeric printed on cotton.

turmeric on silk

Turmeric printed on silk.

I then decided to try printing over the turmeric print with madder. I will admit this was the first time ever working with madder, but I guess sometimes you have to just give things a shot.

tumeric madder prints

The first three prints from the left are on silk, with the last print on cotton. The third print has been stitched in naturally dyed threads. All the prints have been washed and dried.

Using block printing definitely opens up a whole new set of possibilities with natural dyeing. I think it works well combined with stitching, and would be a useful way to continue a theme through a series of projects.

Madder and turmeric print on silk, stiched with naturally dyed silk and cotton threads. The print measures 3" x 4.5".

Madder and turmeric print on silk, stitched with naturally dyed silk and cotton threads. The print measures 3″ x 4.5″.