Portrait on a boat

Portrait on a BoatThe idea of doing a portrait on a boat was a new idea that quite appealed to me. The boat “architecture” is surely different to shooting in a studio or against a building, plus there is the added bonus of a landscape or interesting sky in the background.

Portrait on a Boat

However shooting on a moving boat certainly presents a whole new set of challenges. The biggest challenge being the wind; I eventually took the approach to embrace the wind rather than fight it….if the shoot is on a boat it should have the feel of being on a boat.  The other challenge is lighting as you don’t exactly get to pick the direction the boat is facing; for this set of images I shot on a lower deck, which was covered, allowing for more even lighting on the face.

Portrait on a BoatShooting portraits on a boat is a project I will continue to explore, however in the future it will not be the 7 a.m. boat…that is just too early to shoot a portrait!