Lured by shiny things.


I will admit that I have recently been lured by shiny things. This is how it happened:

Last Friday I took out  a naturally dyed and stitched piece I have been working on, to mount. For about three months I considered the piece finished except for mounting, so today was the day to finish it off. I took a final look at the piece and decided it needed more than just mounting, so I decided to add a border. Sounds simple. Well it actually meant spending Friday and Saturday twisting and tying and dyeing silk in marigold and strawberry hoping to get colors that would go with the original piece. The colors worked, the border was added, but it still needed MORE. Now I could have taken the easy way out and cut back the border to make it narrower and called it a day….but no. My answer to the problem was BEADS.


Now I do enjoy working with beads. I like the sparkle. I like the bling. I like how they sit above the surface on a stitched piece. The downside is beading takes time.

beads 3 blog

The beads I am using are roughly 1mm in depth by 2mm in diameter. Teeny.

6.5 cm by 9 cm corner detail of "Flower Garden", currently a work in progress.

6.5 cm by 9 cm corner detail of “Flower Garden”, currently a work in progress.


I am hoping I made the right choice to add the beads. A “finished ” project is now a long way from finished, and I have hours and hours of beading ahead of me. I originally had a plan for this piece and needed it finished by the 14th. Clearly that probably won’t happen now, but it will be pretty when it is done.

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