-37 Degrees Celsius (with windchill!)

crabapple tree

I have spent a good part of my life living on the Canadian prairies. The prairies can be a lovely place with big skies and panoramic views, but the downside of living on the prairies (other than yahoos in their trucks)  is winter.


I am in the province of Alberta, and there are some interesting little quirks that you encounter when having a discussion with an Albertan. The first one that comes to mind is discussing distance; for some reason Albertans do this funny little distance to time conversion. For example, if someone asked “How far is your cabin?” I would reply “Two and a half hours cross-country or three hours on the main highway.”. Everyone here does it. I am actually ashamed to admit I don’t even know how many kilometers away the cabin is.

fence with snow

The second little quirk came to mind as I was writing the title for this blog, and that is the discussion of windchill. Ask anyone in Alberta what the temperature is on a cold wintry day and they will answer “minus (whatever the number is) with windchill”. Now admittedly, when it is cold outside and a wind blasts through it does make a difference to how cold it feels. However, it is quite funny how no one can just answer with a temperature, it is always “with windchill”.

snowy footprints

I decided to share some very local pictures from today as I was stuck at home with sick children. A couple of the images are so local that I just opened the door of the house (after forcing a very stiff and frozen handle!) and shot. The furthest image is 30 paces away from the door (well it was cold outside!). I thought I would share what -37 degrees celsius with windchill looks like and celebrate some of our quirky Albertan ways.


10 thoughts on “-37 Degrees Celsius (with windchill!)

    • I went to school in Edmonton for two years. My “hi-lite” was the year a blizzard came in, it hit -50 with the windchill, and I lost my car for a week under a snowdrift…good times!

      I’ve been watching the temps on Pender. They look awesome. We’ve been plotting out my husband’s holidays to see if we can sneak out in a couple of weeks.

  1. I’m so glad we met through our mutual blog musings about Red Deer cold 🙂 I have to say that your photos of the cold are much prettier than mine!

    • We are all okay. I think we view dealing with the cold as a little bit of street cred. Last year my sister-in-law visited from Wallasey, U.K. (just across from Liverpool!) and it hit -49C with windchill…she had a real Canadian experience.

  2. Great post! I noticed that everyone speaks in distance in hours, but until you mentioned it I never noticed about the windchill (which in hind sight I am now doing too).

    • I never really thought about the reference to windchill until I noticed my children doing it, it is pretty funny. Luckily today…no windchill!!! LOL!

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