‘Ksan Totem Pole – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Ksan Totem Pole

The ‘Ksan Totem Pole on the grounds of the Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

This weekend we decided to do a mini road trip to Edmonton and visit the Royal Alberta Museum. The grounds surrounding the museum are as interesting as the museum itself. The ‘Ksan Totem Pole is one of the features outside the museum.

The Beaver.

The Beaver.

This totem pole, created in 1983 in honour of Universiade (the World University Games), was carved by Earl Muldoe with assistance from Chester MacLean and Victor Mowat.

The Strong Man carving on the Ksan Totem Pole.

The Strong Man carving on the ‘Ksan Totem Pole.

The totem pole, that is 37 feet in height,  is carved from a red cedar log and in the style of Northwest Coast Native art. Figures depicted on the pole include: Strong Man, the beaver, the raven with a frog in its beak, the bear holding a salmon, and the owl.

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    • Thank you Good Helper Woman!

      I noticed on your blog you have a beading class. Check back in a few days as I will have some posts of fantastic beading from the aboriginal section of the museum. I just have to filter through hundreds of pictures.

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