Macro Photography – Winter Berries

Today I had the opportunity to take my fourth child out taking pictures. She loves getting to use “the kids camera” which is a Fuji XP20 waterproof point-and-shoot, the perfect rugged camera for a four-year old. We decided on an easy to get to location which turned out to be the natural area across our street. I thought it was the perfect chance to use my Canon EF 100mm f.2.8 macro lens which had not seen a lot of use since the snow arrived back in October.

We photographed this area from the side-walk as it is a steep forested hill. The area we covered was only 30 feet in length at the most. Once you get up close and personal with a macro lens there are an amazing number of things to shoot. I have decided to do a few different posts from this outing as there are so many images. Today I am featuring my winter berries.

cotoneaster berry

winter  mountain ash berries

cotoneaster berries with snow

mountain ash berries