Sunset, Thieves Bay, Pender Island

I was planning to keep with the Christmas theme today with the blog. I had already posted about cookies and a Christmas craft, and tonight I was hoping to go out, shoot some Christmas lights and then share the pictures. I was just getting set to bundle up the kids and go out when I decided to check the Environment Canada website for the temperature outside; turned out it was -27 degrees celcius with the wind chill. So I decided to change my plan and share some lovely warm looking sunsets to help everyone forget about how cold it is outside. Here are a few sunsets taken from Pender Island, BC last month.

Thieves Bay, Pender Island Thieves Bay Sunset Pender Island Thieves Bay Sunset


O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

A forest of Christmas tree pencil toppers.

A forest of Christmas tree pencil toppers.

We are really getting into the spirit of Christmas in our house. Christmas lights are up. We’ve baked some cookies (and eaten them as well!) We’ve had school Christmas celebrations. We’ve wrapped presents. One little tradition we started a few years ago was putting a little Christmas “something” in the mail boxes of people in our neighborhood and other acquaintances we have. Our children love running up to the mail boxes doing the deliveries; it brings a little bit of Christmas fun to those around us and it has been a great way to meet new neighbors as well.

christmas tree pencil toppersThis year I decided to make Christmas tree pencil toppers. It was an inexpensive and fairly easy craft, just a little bit time-consuming. The nice thing is all the materials can be found at a dollar store. The main part of the tree is felt shaped into a cone and then glued with hot glue. I then hot glued the cone on to the pencil. The rest of the craft is just decorating. I used hot glitter glue for the garland and bobbles on the majority of the trees. This was my first experience with hot glitter glue and I love it, what an easy way to add bling to a craft. The first 18 trees I decorated with sequins. It was so time-consuming that I had to find another decorating option that had sparkle but was fast to use. Last count I have a forest of 108 tree topped pencils.

tree pencil topper with hot glitter gluetree pencil topper with sequins

Homestead (fibre art)

Homestead 2012 7x7 blogLuckily last weekend I has the opportunity to finish off a few fibre art pieces that have been in progress for a while.

The base of this piece is eco-dyed cotton. The cotton was dyed in tumeric, tea and blueberry, with natural cotton showing through areas that were tied off during multiple dyeing sessions. Stitching was completed with eco-dyed cotton and bamboo threads that were dyed at the same time as the cotton base. The piece is embellished with glass beads.

I let the resisted patterns on the cotton base be the source of inspiration for how I approached the rest of the piece. The zig-zag patterns made me think of the miles of barbed wire fence we have in this neck of the woods. My thought process then led me to think of the long forgotten homesteads hidden behind ditches of wildflowers and weeds. It all seemed to work so well with the dyeing on the fabric, plus it is a little piece of home.


Daisy 2012 16x20 blogThis a rare post where I can actually share a finished canvas. Ever since discovering fibre art  my “paintings in progress” seem to sit a lot longer on the easel. This piece, “Daisy” (2012), measures 16 inches by 20 inches and is acrylic on canvas.

I’ve had a productive weekend and have managed to finish two fibre pieces and I have another fibre piece ready to be mounted. I will be sharing these works in the next few days.

Another weekend project was to set up a Facebook page for Studio H. I am using this page as a virtual gallery and will be updating it with a collection of works shortly. The Facebook page can be seen at!/pages/Studio-H/498844150145941

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