Homestead (fibre art)

Homestead 2012 7x7 blogLuckily last weekend I has the opportunity to finish off a few fibre art pieces that have been in progress for a while.

The base of this piece is eco-dyed cotton. The cotton was dyed in tumeric, tea and blueberry, with natural cotton showing through areas that were tied off during multiple dyeing sessions. Stitching was completed with eco-dyed cotton and bamboo threads that were dyed at the same time as the cotton base. The piece is embellished with glass beads.

I let the resisted patterns on the cotton base be the source of inspiration for how I approached the rest of the piece. The zig-zag patterns made me think of the miles of barbed wire fence we have in this neck of the woods. My thought process then led me to think of the long forgotten homesteads hidden behind ditches of wildflowers and weeds. It all seemed to work so well with the dyeing on the fabric, plus it is a little piece of home.


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