I don’t know what it is….but I like it!

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This is one of those pieces that really wasn’t thought out much in advance. I knew I wanted to try a 3-D piece. I knew I wanted to try dyeing after all the stitching and the beading rather than my normal way of dyeing first and then embellishing.

This is really one of those “let’s see what happens” pieces. I cut a shape out of factory cotton, stitched with roving, beaded the piece and then dyed the piece before the final stitching. For dyeing I wrapped the piece with a few onion skins and very few marigold petals, and then bundled it up tightly with elastic bands. First I steamed the piece, but the color wasn’t quite what I wanted. I then placed the piece in water and a few more onion skins and simmered for a bit, and  let it sit for a few days. The piece was finally washed, dried, stuffed and stitched.

The color shifts are very subtle between the marigold and onion. I think the shifts may be soft as the piece is quite small making it harder to have the marigold and onion make firm contact. This is definately a style of working I will try again. I like how it is a bit unpredictable.

This piece measures 4 inches in height,  2.75 inches wide and 1.25 inches in depth. Materials used are cotton, glass beads, wool roving, onion skins and dried marigold.