Brooks Point, Pender Island, BC – November Sunset

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Brooks Point CRD Reserve on South Pender Island has to be one of the most stunning places we have ever been to. Great views, amazing vistas, ships passing and gorgeous sunsets. A pleasant path takes you from the entrance to the park through woods and blackberry bushes and opens to the most fabulous view that will wow you. The path then continues along the ridge, providing wonderful scenery all the way down to Gowlland Point. We have been to this park many times and it becomes more amazing each time we visit it. It is a true gem of South Pender Island, British Columbia.

A Mother’s Love

Mother and DaughterI absolutely love this quiet picture of mother and daughter cuddling together. Moms are so often forgotten in the family album. Many times they are the ones behind the cameras, or making the kids smile, but very rarely are moms the feature subject.

During the session the dad made a very specific request that he wanted a picture of his wife and daughter together. I think it is very sweet that he wanted a portrait of his two very special ladies together. This will definately be a treasured portrait.

Peter Cove North at Twilight

Peter Cove North is a beautiful little cove on Pender Island, BC situated between the Swanson Channel and Bedwell Harbour. The rocky outcrops are interesting at both high and low tides. The images I am sharing are from two weeks ago. I love the drama of the stormy skies and the twilight lighting.

I don’t know what it is….but I like it!

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This is one of those pieces that really wasn’t thought out much in advance. I knew I wanted to try a 3-D piece. I knew I wanted to try dyeing after all the stitching and the beading rather than my normal way of dyeing first and then embellishing.

This is really one of those “let’s see what happens” pieces. I cut a shape out of factory cotton, stitched with roving, beaded the piece and then dyed the piece before the final stitching. For dyeing I wrapped the piece with a few onion skins and very few marigold petals, and then bundled it up tightly with elastic bands. First I steamed the piece, but the color wasn’t quite what I wanted. I then placed the piece in water and a few more onion skins and simmered for a bit, and  let it sit for a few days. The piece was finally washed, dried, stuffed and stitched.

The color shifts are very subtle between the marigold and onion. I think the shifts may be soft as the piece is quite small making it harder to have the marigold and onion make firm contact. This is definately a style of working I will try again. I like how it is a bit unpredictable.

This piece measures 4 inches in height,  2.75 inches wide and 1.25 inches in depth. Materials used are cotton, glass beads, wool roving, onion skins and dried marigold.

A Classic Family Portrait

Today I am sharing a studio portrait from a recent family sitting. The portrait was to celebrate the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary. I love the color choices this family made for clothing, the purples and greys look lovely together. In this session we photographed the large family group plus a wide range of sub groups giving the family a nice selection of images to choose from.

My regular customers may also notice we’ve changed the studio floor. We now have a glossy black floor and I love the simplicity of it. It looks great with the french door background and with a full black background. We have also changed what used to be the blue portion of the studio; I will have to show some images from this portion of the studio in another post.