Coronation Park in the Fall

I did another nice shoot in Coronation Park a couple of days ago. The leaves and the weather were just perfect. The warm toned backlight also added a lot of sparkle to the portrait. The fall leaves are certainly beautiful this year, hopefully they will be on the trees for another week or so.

Fall! It’s Here!

IT’S HERE! FALL! The fall leaves are now in full color. We have about 10 days of perfect color left for outdoor portraits. Now would  be the time to book a session. Aim for a shooting session date before September 30th to make sure you don’t miss out on the leaves. Please visit to check out what we do.

September, a great month for family photography.

This week has been a fantastic week for shooting. The weather has been perfect and the leaves are still green giving the look and feel of summer.  Earlier this week I did a great shoot with a young family. Nice casual shots in the park and by the creek. The pictures capture the closeness of the family and will provide many years of great memories of when the children were young. Next week will be a whole new look for outdoor portraits as the leaves will have changed to golds and yellows giving a cozy autumn look.

Mountain Ash Dyeing Project

I decided to try making dye out of mountain ash leaves as they are everywhere making it an easy to access dye stuff. I soaked the leaves for  few days, then boiled them up for a hour or so, then popped the fabric in the pot for about an hour. The fabric is muslin mordanted in alum. I folded and clamped the fabric hoping to get a bit of a design. I decided to aim for a bit darker color this time, so once I finished simmering the fabric in the pot I let it cool down , put the whole works in a ziplock baggie, and let it sit in the sun for two weeks. Very scientific! Unwrapped, rinsed and dried it gives a nice starting point for a fiber piece.The fabric measures 20 inches by 40 inches.

Fun on the Farm

We spent an afternoon shooting in a farmers field west of Red Deer, Alberta. What fun. It is so refreshing to shoot such a fun and candid session. There was wind, and mud and a lot of fun. The images paint a perfect picture of youth and rural Alberta in late summer. Images by Hunter Photographics, Red Deer, Alberta.