Sexual Crimes, The Alberta N.D.P. – A Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada

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The Alberta N.D.P. have instituted a gender policy in their schools where anyone can enter private secluded spaces such as washrooms and change rooms, for any means. Unsupervised areas where children and teens are left as prey.

The dangers of sexual harassment became a personal battle last night when our daughter opened up to us with what happened at school. The blog post link is HERE.

It very quickly became apparent that this new policy not only risks the safety of minors, but that our children are going to have difficulties being protected by Canada’s legal system.

In response to the situation I chose to write to the prime Minister of Canada. Justice is a federal jurisdiction. Justice is in place to protect citizens. The new policy created by the Alberta N.D.P. is designed to place all Alberta students at risk.

Below is the letter that has been sent directly to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


I wish to bring to your attention a situation of harassment and intimidation in Alberta schools.

Alberta is implementing a new policy where everyone has full to have access to isolated change rooms and washrooms. I need to know how the Canadian legal system will operate and protect with this policy instituted.

With this system in place how will children be safe from sexual predators, sexual harassment and sexual assault? How will anyone be charged when the right to “self-identify” protects all behaviors? How will children be protected from voyeurism or breaches of privacy when all genders are in spaces designed for bodily functions? How will anyone be able to stop scenarios of sexual harassment and sexual assault when they will just be labelled as homophobic or a bigot?

This policy opens up secluded un-supervised spaces in schools to anyone for any means. Media focuses on the comfort level of the trans community and gloss over the potential for sexual crimes. The fact of the matter is women, men, gays, straights bi’s and trans people can ALL BE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED AND RAPED. No one is willing to admit it.

This policy makes everyone easy prey for sexual crimes, and the spaces are even provided for the crimes to take place. Every variation of gender is susceptible to these horrific offenses. The politics surrounding this policy eliminates society’s ability to report a situation as they risk being labeled “homophobic” , and by mentioning sexuality could be convicted of a hate crime.

I can’t understand the Alberta government introducing a policy that encourages sexual predator-ship and hands them the locations to commit the crimes, while creating an atmosphere where the public will be reluctant to report sex crimes for fear of being labeled a bigot.


No one is safe under the policy  “Guidelines for Best Practices” Creating Learning Environments that Respect Diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Gender Expressions”. Everyone is at risk. Sexual harassment and intimidation is being carried out by 11 and 12 year olds, this is what happened to my daughter. This policy needs to be stopped. This policy does not serve women, men, gays, straights bi’s or the trans community. This policy puts every person, no matter their sexual orientation, at risk.

Rape Culture Embraced by the N.D.P.’s Gender Policy – sexual harassment and intimidation in middle school

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A few days ago I wrote a post regarding the new gender policies being forced on schools in Alberta by the N.D.P. government. I shared how this policy was sexist and demeaning to naturally born females. The policy actually strips naturally born females of their “dignity” even though one of the goals of the policy is to treat all students with dignity. However if a naturally born female opposes this policy they are labeled a “bigot”.

Well it is interesting how real life sometimes throws a situation at you at just the perfect time. That is what happened Friday evening at around 10:00 pm.

We had sent our children off to bed a little earlier only to find our 11 year old daughter appear in our living room bawling, eyes red and face swollen. We eventually calmed her down to the point where she could actually speak and then we heard the story.

Our daughter is in grade 6, 11 years old, a slight build, long hair, wears glasses and measures 53 inches tall. Before Christmas a boy in Grade 6, M., started hassling our 11 year old daughter. He kept coming up to her saying “Will you date me?” and pressuring her. She would say “No I’m too young.”, “I don’t want to.” and “Go away.” This initially started with him hassling her at her locker. From there the harassment moved to phys-ed class. In class she told her teacher Mr.D., and the teacher spoke to the boy, but the harassment continued when the teachers weren’t looking. Then the harassment took to the school grounds outside during the lunch recess, constant harassment over and over of “Will you date me?” and my daughter refusing over and over, but saying no meant nothing. Finally it was the last straw, M. started harassing her one day in the school foyer and my daughter resorted to hitting M. with a hardcover version of Harry Potter. M. finally stopped the harassment. It took my daughter physically hitting back for M. to get the message and to realize “NO MEANS NO”.

I asked my daughter did she ever tell the teachers again that this was going on, and she said “No. It didn’t make a difference. He still wouldn’t stop. He did it anyways”.

Pretty sad. Pretty traumatizing. No didn’t mean no. The start of sexual harassment in grade 6. The beginnings of rape culture. No didn’t mean no.


But it gets worse. On Thursday, January 21st (2016) M.’s friend C. decided to take things into his own hands. I will share the email that went to the school principal:

“Hi Rxxx,

I wanted to bring to your attention a problem that Rxxx has had with a gang of male students led by Cxxxx in grade seven. Rxxx estimates that a large gang of between 10 and 15 boys led by Cxxx surrounded her at the top of the field at lunchtime recess. This has happened for two days running. Cxxx kept asking her to date him while his gang surrounded Rxxxx. She kept telling them that she’s too young and she had no interest in dating them. They kept on at her, completely intimidating her, until Exxxx who saw what was happening told them to stop. He deserves great credit for standing up to a large group of bullies.

Rxxx was in tears tonight when she finally told me about it. This is a serious problem and cannot continue whatsoever.

Could you please call me to discuss and let me know how you intend to deal with this matter?

Best regards,

Mark Hunter”


So if a girl refuses to date your friend, the solution is to get a gang of 10-15 boys together, surround her, intimidate her and demand she dates you. So if you fight back like my daughter did with the first boy, then you get a gang hunting you down as added intimidation. This is all because my 11 year daughter refused to date a boy. So much for no meaning no.

My daughter is 11, the boy heading the gang is 12. Now you may say these are little kids, but what you must remember is this “child”, the one with the gang, is the size of my husband; the size of a full grown man.

However age is not an excuse. Organizing a gang to intimidate a girl because she says no to dating at the age of 11… any age actually….is not a reasonable response.

And there is no excuse for bullying, except sometimes there is. You see C., the gang leader, has been in my son’s grade for years. Back in Grade 5 my son was bullied on the playground (it revolved around mini-stick hockey) by C., and we had meetings with the principal of the time. No kidding during the discussion we were told , regarding C., that “hockey was his life” and “he is from a transitional home”. I am sorry a bully is a bully and loving hockey and home life are no excuse for bullies to act the way they do.

So you can only imagine our response when we heard who the gang leader was. Shock and horror. An elementary school bully now uses a gang to intimidate girls who refuse to date. What is next, gang rape? That is exactly what is next. This is the reality .


Believe it or not there is more to the story, as if it isn’t disturbing enough. My daughter has a friend named J. and he plays on the same hockey team as C.. Evidently, according to J., members of the hockey team are playing a game of “Truth or Dare” and the goal is to “PRANK” our daughter. A game of sexual harassment. A game of intimidation. This is society’s way of having “fun”, of playing a game.

This makes me feel sick to my stomach, not just as a mother, but just knowing we have monsters like this in our society, monsters at the age of 12.

Sexual harassment is not “fun”.

Being intimidated by a gang to date is not “fun”.

And if this projection continues gang rape is not “fun”.

And this is all happening AT SCHOOL.


Now I have to own up to something, and this is pretty sad. I actually asked my daughter “Is this all true?”. I was actually going to wait until we spoke to the principal to write this as if that was going to provide validation to the harassment my daughter faced. I had her go over the story many times. I asked her would J. say the same as her, would E.? I feel awful that I interrogated her when she was the victim. My goodness, how awful for a victim to have to prove they are a victim at the age of 11.

But that is how society has made us to be. A girl is raped and the immediate response is “she led him on”, “she was wearing sexy clothing”, “she was drunk”….it is always the girl’s fault. This is why so many sexual assaults are not reported. This is why so many rapes are not reported. The female victim knows nothing will be done so she doesn’t pursue justice.

This is exactly why my daughter NEVER told another teacher. Telling a teacher didn’t make a difference, she was still harassed.

My daughter said “NO!” She said “NO” over and over and over, but these boys wouldn’t listen.

The teacher did nothing wrong. The school did nothing wrong. But the fact of the matter is our children are not even safe in schools from their own peers.

Thank goodness our daughter had the bravery to tell us as this had been going on for weeks and weeks. At least now we can attempt for steps to be made to keep her safe.

Thank goodness E. was there to rescue our daughter from C. and his gang. It is frightening though to think of what could happen if E. hadn’t been there.


So this leads me to the “Things happen for a reason” portion of the blog post. A few days ago I wrote a post regarding The Alberta N.D.P. Governments new policy “Guidelines for Best Practices” Creating Learning Environments that Respect Diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Gender Expressions”. This policy’s goal is “Minimizing segregated areas”. In short, any gender can use any washroom. Boys can go into the girls washroom and girls change room. Yes you read that right.

Parents have been worried about this policy, but when we speak up we are called “homophobic” and “bigots”. We have been assured we have nothing to worry about.

But we do.

When this policy comes into play what happened to my daughter today and yesterday in the school yard can happen in an isolated change room or bathroom.

My daughter being surrounded by a gang of boys on a playground being intimidated to “date” someone is bad enough. When this policy comes into full effect MY DAUGHTER COULD BE RAPED IN THE BATHROOM BY THE SAME GROUP OF BOYS, this is not beyond their capacity, and E., being a decent boy, won’t be there to rescue her.

If sexual harassment is a “game”.

If sexual harassment and intimidation is a “game”.

Then RAPE too will be a “game”

A fun little game organized by boys on a hockey team.


Our children are not safe in current circumstances. They have peers that are predators. This is proven. My daughter has experienced it. The N.D.P. government’s policy will severely put our children at extreme risk.

It is not hard to see the projection. An elementary school bully becomes one who sexually harasses in middle school. The ONLY direction this goes in the future is unwanted sexual touching, sexual interference and rape.

I am not fear mongering. I am not being a bigot. I am not being homophobic. I am being realistic.

My daughter has faced, at the age of 11, sexual harassment and intimidation, giving all genders access to the bathrooms and change rooms she uses turns her from student to PREY.


This blog post will go out to the school principal this evening, as well as the relevant government officials. We will speak with the school principal on Monday, and I pray the response isn’t “the boys were just having fun”.

I for one don’t think sexual harassment is fun.

I do not think intimidation is fun.

I believe NO MEANS NO.

But it doesn’t matter what I think, what I know is our children ARE NOT SAFE IN ALBERTA’S SCHOOLS.


Please note, I am posting this now, prior to any school meetings, to prove to my daughter that I completely believe her. What has happened to her cannot be changed. What has happened to her needs to be shared. My daughter deserves to be treated with dignity and part of that is believing in her and not let her victimization be undermined.










Not Just A Pretty Face – A Reaction to The Alberta Gender Identification Policy – An Open Letter to the Alberta N.D.P.

Dear N.D.P. Government of the Province of Alberta,

I, a naturally born female, am not just a pretty face. As I am more than a pretty face I am forced to write this letter in opposition to your policy “Guidelines for Best Practices” Creating Learning Environments that Respect Diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Gender Expressions”

I am not homophobic. I am not backward. I am not fanatically religious. I am not a bigot. However when a government chooses a policy that diminishes the special status of my gender I have no choice but to take great offense and voice my concerns.

This new policy, that aims  to “Minimizing segregated areas”*  is designed to diminish and strip naturally born females of their special status. It is a sexist policy that infringes on the rights of a naturally born female.

What makes one female? It is our reproductive system. Plain and simple. It is the fact that we possess the natural ability  to potentially bear children. We can do something that neither males or science can do. We, naturally born females take a single fertilized egg, nurture it through months of pregnancy, and give birth to a human being, and that makes us pretty special. Actually that makes our gender very special and completely amazing.

For some reason the Alberta government sees things differently, they think “Self-identification is the sole measure of an individual’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.”* The fact is “self-identifying” is all in the mind, it has nothing to do with the physical biology of the body. It is an imagined state if you like, even if it feels very real to a person. No matter how hard a naturally born male tries to “self-identify” as a female, a naturally born male can’t imagine themselves into a pregnancy and actually birth real live baby in the end.

My gender is female. My body is equipped with all the appropriate parts to potentially bear children. I am proud to be female, I am proud to be able to reproduce, and I am offended that the Alberta N.D.P. Government feels these aspects of my gender are of no importance.

With the new government guidelines a trans male is now the same as a naturally born female. A trans male is allowed to use the same washrooms, the same change rooms and play on the same sports teams. This is in an effort, to quote the government’s policy, for  “Minimizing segregated areas”. But the fact of the matter is if the government employs this policy, and says a trans boy is the same as a naturally born female, the government has reduced the value of being female to that of one who wears lipstick, a dress and a push-up bra. The government, by instituting this policy, offends every natural born woman no matter their race, religion or economic status and reduces the concept of being female to the visual trappings of a bimbo. The government has taken away our status of bearers of life, and instead given the impression that as long as you dress like a slut you can use the bathroom.

This policy, “Guidelines for Best Practices” Creating Learning Environments that Respect Diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Gender Expressions”, demeans women. This policy strips us of our dignity. This policy strips us of our status. This policy says being female is about playing dress up and imagining what gender you would like to imagine being, and actually being born female and being able to give birth to a whole new generation means nothing.

I however resist the government’s imaginary view on gender, because I am more than a slash of lipstick and a push up bra, I am more than a pretty face, I am a real female with the capability to give birth. Anyone claiming to be female without the capacity to potentially give birth is a fraud, because you can’t truly “identify” with being female if periods and pregnancy can never be a reality. And that is a fact.

The government has failed to understand the function of washrooms and change rooms in instituting this policy. Washrooms and change rooms, for naturally born females, are almost a sacred space yet a space of biology as well. These spaces are intensely important to naturally born females, especially in middle school and high school. This is where the most intimate of discussions take place. Discussions of periods, birth control, the loss of virginity, pregnancy scares and pregnancy. Discussions revolving around the biological trials of the naturally born female. It is a sanctuary where naturally born females can discuss issues in confidence, issues that are taboo subjects among society. Women are demeaned in society on a constant basis, we are demeaned for having periods, for having breasts and for getting pregnant. The bathrooms and change rooms were a safe space, but now the Alberta N.D.P. Government have stripped naturally born females of the right to feel comfortable.

Ironically the “Guidelines for Best Practices” Creating Learning Environments that Respect Diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Gender Expressions” states that all students and staff “are treated with dignity and respect” * and “have the right to privacy and confidentiality”*. The fact is allowing trans boys into our female washrooms and change rooms  takes away a naturally born female’s dignity, privacy and confidentiality. Unless you are living in a natural female body, and all the biological functions that come part of the package, you can not remotely begin to understand the impact periods, birth control and pregnancy have on a person, and can never offer the required respect, understanding or compassion. A trans male will never understand this. These functions are inconceivable to understand until you experience them personally and no biology text-book can explain how the process truly affects the individual’s life. Allowing trans males into the female bathrooms  strips naturally born females of their dignity.

To this point these are just words. However, has the Alberta N.D.P. Government thought of the reality? Their policy is a fairy tale, a piece of fiction, because as we know genders really do exist, there is a male biological system, a female biological system, and that my friends, like it or not, is how we all got here. Yes indeed, no matter what fairy tale the N.D.P. Government have, fact of the matter we are here because a naturally born male and a naturally born female had…….wait for it……wait for it………SEX. Yes my dear friends, we weren’t “self-identified” and imagined into being, we are the by-product of down and dirty man-on-woman sex (or whatever position you prefer…I believe in diversity!)

Seriously, let’s talk the reality of what will happen with this policy. We have already established that naturally born females will feel stripped of their dignity once trans men freely use their bathrooms and change rooms. Imagine with me what it will feel like for a girl to be in a bathroom stall changing a tampon while a trans boy lurks outside the stall, flicking his wig and clicking his high heels while waiting his turn to be next. I think this will take the term uncomfortable to a whole new level. Imagine not being able to deal with natural functions of your natural biology due to a government policy that has nothing but contempt for naturally born women.

How will girls react? Well I think that is pretty obvious. Girls will stop coming to school when they have their periods. You see this is what happens in developing nations, there have been whole campaigns to bring awareness to the issue. In developing nations it is common for girls to have incomplete educations because they stay home while having their periods. In developing nations, from what I have read, it is a matter of logistics. In Alberta it will be because of government policy. The government took away the naturally born female’s safe space, a space where a naturally born female could deal with her bodily functions.

This policy, “Guidelines for Best Practices” Creating Learning Environments that Respect Diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Gender Expressions”, turns the females of Alberta into 2nd Class Citizens. We are reduced to our gender being nothing more than a dress, lipstick and a push-up bra; our reproductive capacity as a gender identifier no longer exists. To the Alberta N.D.P. Government, to be in the female washroom is to be TITS (faux or real) AND ASS. But not only that, the natural born female will suffer under this policy as no matter what, they have been stripped of a comfortable place to deal with their biological needs. Undoubtedly every 28 days when the girl’s period arrives, the girl will simply not come to school. Naturally born females will be forced to be under-educated due to the Government of Alberta’s policy.

Why the government didn’t just create a separate trans-gendered bathroom in each school boggles my mind? Easy fix. No drama. They had two months over the school break where that could have been completed in each and every school in the province. But that isn’t the N.D.P.’s way. They like the drama. They like uproar. They like to stir up hate between the factions. They are a totalitarian regime (Bill 6 anyone?) and they rule against the population. Well all that and they killed the economy so there was no budget to build new bathrooms with (sorry sweeties, oil was dipping before the election, not an excuse, all you had to do was listen to the news on the radio…….shouldn’t have run in the election if you had no ability to run a province!).

Now I am going to give my version of why this policy is being put out as it is; I am going to “self-identify” as an N.D.P. politician. Let’s see (conjuring up my best Orange Crush glow, or newly formed deep wrinkles of a struggling government with an economy in the toilet…you choose). This policy , if I was self-identifying as an N.D.P. politician, has been put in place to promote INCLUSION. Fine. Very nice. Everyone is now going “huh, well then what’s the big deal?” Well fact of the matter is there are two very big problems with this concept.

The first problem is it EXCLUDES naturally born females, demeans them, violates their ability to comfortably deal with their biological functions and the government has reduced those using the female bathroom to the visuals of a dress, trashy make-up and a push-up bra. The government, by letting trans males into the washrooms and change rooms has trivialized and demeaned what it means to be female.

The second problem is that I don’t think any of those involved in drafting this policy have ever spent any time in a middle school or high school washroom designed for naturally born females. Well let me let you in on a secret………….naturally born females are the cliquiest, bitchiest and most judgemental of all the genders. The washrooms and change rooms are like a modern day coliseum. The N.D.P. think they are manufacturing inclusion, they are trying to legislate “like”. The fact is dear N.D.P. government, by implementing this policy you have just thrown every trans boy to the lions. Well done.

Truth is, female IS a gender based on biology. Truth is part of that biology makes us absolute bitches. If you don’t believe that just read more of my blog….you’ll agree with my statement pretty darned fast!






*(page 3 of “Guidelines for Best Practices” Creating Learning Environments that Respect Diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Gender Expressions”)


Happy January – a post of updates

blog jan sunset iphone Happy January.

Life being as life is, it has been weeks since I have put up a post. I completely missed “Happy New Year”, and somehow here we are in the middle of January.

Perhaps I will do a sort of “update” style of post to start 2016 off on the right foot, and fill in a few gaps that occurred at the end of the year. Now, where to start……..

Let’s start with the cabin situation. The insurance company finally settled. The cabin is a complete write off. It will have to be demolished in the spring. It was 14 months of extreme emotional stress, but at least the worst is over. Of course the sadness of losing the cabin will always be in the background with the family as the cabin held so many memories. So 2016 will see us arranging the demolition, tidying up the lot and listing it with a realtor. The struggle with insurance means we need to move on from the property to try and forget the stress, plus we have discovered rebuilding on the site is so cost prohibitive that it makes no sense for us. The lot would be a lovely large RV lot for someone as it has a bunkie, decks, septic, water and power, plus 100m from the lake. Life moves on and sometimes not in directions we choose.

blog snowy cabin_3878

In an attempt to leave behind the sadness of the cabin we have decided we need a new adventure. We are looking for a new cabin in a new location. We have been mulling over areas (and how many pennies we have!) and we think that the Golden, BC area might be a good fit for our family. We are looking in the rural areas surrounding the town, and looking for a small house or cabin, or possibly to build. Building may be the way we go as we want small. We looked at one property a couple of weeks ago, but it needed too much work and the location had a few issues, so the search continues.

blog_4252 bw

Let’s see, what else…….

Well in November our van was written off…..yep, another one. This one was only 14 months old. Remember last year when I was written off going about 5-10 km/h and said I can never be written off moving slower? Well it happened. The vehicle was written off standing still while I slept.  A vehicle rammed it, pushed it down the street, up onto our sidewalk, and then the offending vehicle was left on our lawn. When police checked out the situation they found the vehicle full of needles. Living in Red Deer, Alberta…………

blog van written off nov 2015 #2

blog vann written off nov 2015

As if this whole incident wasn’t bad enough, it pieced together some problematic non-legal activity that was happening in our neighbourhood awfully close to home. The “activity” ramped up, occurring closer and closer to our door. The neighbourhood had to work together , hard, to get it solved (explaining limited blogging time!). Luckily by the first of January the offending property finally evicted the tenants, the property was vacated, and our neighbourhood is again safe and peaceful. Let’s just say my children were exposed to far more information regarding drug dealing than I ever imagined they would know. Five year olds should not be street smart, but such is life.

We had Christmas, but to be honest the festive feeling was subdued due to the activity happening a few doors down the block. Of course we again didn’t get into Christmas mass, “no room in the inn”…..fitting, so that added to our deflated spirits. We only get in maybe 25% of the time, we should just stop trying.

Christmas over and we were off to the coast on Boxing Day for a much needed break. We kayaked, walked on beaches, hung out, and experienced our first earthquake. Yup, because not enough had happened in the last few months we needed an earthquake to happen. First there was the sound, then it was like a wind lifting up one corner of the house and then the other while the top of the house shook and the kids screamed. No damage, but very panicked children. Interestingly, earlier that night their had been a weird loud noise in the house that wasn’t any of the kids, plus a broom fell over for no apparent reason, now I am thinking that was the pregame show. It made for a very late night watching DVD’s until the kids could no longer keep their eyes open.

blog after the earthquake

The kids after the earthquake. The youngest three aren’t too thrilled!


And that brings us to 2016.

I am hoping this year will be filled with interesting and positive blog posts on a more regular basis. If I ever seem to disappear I can probably be found spending time on my new vice, Instagram. My Instagram accounts are @debramhunter (for general pictures, art and projects in progress), @handmadeincanada (for my handmade venture), and @hunterphotographics (photography). As social media goes, it is a light and harmless distraction; a nice way to spend a spare 5 minutes here and there.

So Happy January……let’s see what the new year brings.






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Christmas Lights at City Hall Park – Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

blog red deer city hall park_2308

Each year the City of Red Deer decorate City Hall Park in a festive flurry of lights. Trees are wrapped in pinks and blues until they glow. Other trees flicker and flash with lit icicles and stars.

blog red deer city hall park_2294

More lights are added each year, yet a few traditional pieces like the lit poinsettias return each year.

blog red deer city hall park_2287 a

The large tree wrapped in blue is a crowd favorite, with many families standing in front of it posing for festive holiday photos.

blog red deer city hall park_2261 6x6


Our family chose to do a quick picture too, at a slightly different spot.

blog red deer city hall park_2310

The park is a showpiece during the festive season. Visiting the park and strolling through the lit trees is a tradition many in our city enjoy each year.


Photography by Debra Hunter






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